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Our Services

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives are all hands-on scientists with the depth and breadth of cross-functional experience that enables us to understand and serve your complex needs.

Ability to Deliver at Large Scale

Over 25 combined years of manufacturing experience enable us to meet your scale-up requirements with fast turn-around. In addition, we have focused on producing high quality modified triphosphate and phosphoramidite at multi-kg scale with competitive prices.

On-time Delivery

We offer standard 48 hour shipment on all stock items, but can also accommodate rush requests for same day or 24 hour shipment. Custom products will be developed and delivered to meet your timeline.

Flexible Packaging

Custom and bulk packaging available

Custom Chemistry Development

Flexible, documented processes allow efficient development of complex custom chemistries.

Analytical capabilities include LC-MS, HPLC, 31P NMR and 1H NMR.